Interesting things about the packaging industry, retailing dynamics, consumer trends and NOA’s insight.

Managing your business on a month-to-month basis, while keeping an eye on the mid to long term, is never an easy task. Working out what are the right investments and second guessing the market are never easy decisions either, not without hard facts and intelligent insight anyway. Strategic Research that can provide you with those hard facts can be invaluable towards making the right, long-term investment decisions.

NOA-PRISM carries out extensive and forensic, independent market research to help clients qualify and quantify their market opportunities. We offer Market Sector, Company, Country, Europe-wide and Bespoke reports which provide key facts and information to support you and your team in making informed choices for your business and for future investments.

  • Market Sector Reports – provide the latest trends & forecasts in a specific market sector, e.g. Packaging, Energy, Manufacturing, Engineering & eCommerce Industries
  • Company Reports – valuable & practical information about target company, potential customer, supplier or competitor: Financial Information, Products, Services & Projects, Contacts
  • Country Reports
  • European Reports
  • Bespoke Reports

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