A treacle pudding year? How to avoid getting stuck

At NOA, while we’re going about our business of conducting packaging industry research to pinpoint packaging market trends, we’re hearing the phrase ‘treacle pudding’ a lot. Why? Because 2018 is being described by many we deal with across Europe as a ‘treacle pudding year’. The analogy is obvious – things are sticky underfoot, dragging along, getting bogged down. What with Brexit, uncertainty in Syria, and frosty (to say the least) relations between the West and Russia, good news is hard to find.

Ten pieces of paper trivia

We all need paper, we all love paper, but the team here at NOA suspects the average person takes it for granted. So, in honour of paper, here are some little known facts about what the Cambridge Dictionary defines as “thin, flat material made from crushed wood or cloth, used for writing, printing, or drawing on”.

Being scared, but doing it anyway!

Appearing on a national shopping channel, viewed by thousands of people and talking expertly about hedgehog homes was not on the bucket list of “must do’s” for NOA’s MD Neil Osment. In fact, it seemed so far out of his comfort zone as to be little more than a spec on the horizon.

But by employing some of the coaching techniques he uses with NOA clients, Neil got through the experience and learnt a fair few things along the way.

In this article he writes about what he learned, and how his experience can be applied to packaging businesses across the globe.