Interesting things about the packaging industry and NOA

A treacle pudding year? How to avoid getting stuck

At NOA, while we’re going about our business of conducting packaging industry research to pinpoint packaging market trends, we’re hearing the phrase ‘treacle pudding’ a lot. Why? Because 2018 is being described by many we deal with across Europe as a ‘treacle pudding year’. The analogy is obvious – things are sticky underfoot, dragging along, getting bogged down. What with Brexit, uncertainty in Syria, and frosty (to say the least) relations between the West and Russia, good news is hard to find.

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Paper prices predicted to rise even further in face of shortage, NOA-PRISM experts warn

Packaging industry researchers here at NOA-PRISM are warning of a global shortage of paper and increased prices in the face of rising demand. The NOA-PRISM team, who work alongside the paper packaging industry and users of packaging, have investigated global trends and predict more price increases.

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