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NOA can help you to recruit talented people

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How can NOA help with recruiting?

The job market is a roller coaster and managing recruitment projects is a minefield. We can help you by taking out some of the pain from the process by filtering candidates and not passing you candidates who think a flute profile is something that you would find in an orchestra!

Often our clients are using some of our other NOA services, so we know their business and company culture already and therefore can match candidates much more precisely to their needs.

What does the NOA service entail?













Recuitment service including interview process from NOA
  • We offer a broad range of supporting covering:
  • Write or agree a job description and agree other parameters of the role (i.e. salary and benefits)
  • Talk through the role with the hiring manager to understand the kind of candidates who will fit best into their team
  • Advertise the role on social media and job websites
  • Start the main recruitment drive:
    • Search – use our well-honed researching skills to seek out great candidates
    • Find – locate candidates using various tools and means
    • Interview – undertake first round of interviews
    • Test – use “Everything DISC” profiling
    • Filter – review interview and test results to score candidates
    • Propose – provide a shortlist of screened candidates
  • Offer practical advice at the shortlist stage and help support the final choice of the successful applicant

Our Charging Structures

We don’t charge exorbitant “recruitment company starting salary” type fees (i.e. anything from 15% and into 20% or even upwards of 30% of starting salary) we simply charge a project fee that reflects our day rate and our professional efforts.

We undertake the searching, advertising, communicating, interviewing and filtering of candidates and put forward suitable candidates to you. Even if you decide that these candidates are not suitable or don’t interview these candidates then our invoice would still be payable due to the time and work that has already gone before (however, our charges remain significantly less than if you used a recruitment agency).

We know our customers’ businesses and their company culture very well, which helps us to have had a 90% success record so far!

We work with many packaging companies due to our specialist market skills and knowledge. Our role in the paper packaging market is to uphold the highest standards of discretion and confidentiality in all the work that we do.


Rapid hiring service from NOA

How did NOA get into recruiting support?

​How did NOA get into recruiting support? Like everything else we do, we do recruiting support because one of our customers asked us to help them. We understand their business, we have an understanding of their market (invariably the packaging industry for about 90% of the customers we work with) and we know how to spot talent.

Part of the recruitment challenge for our customers has been what has been happening over the last couple of years. The UK workforce has shrunk because people in their 50’s and early 60’s have decided to retire; in addition, people who have family in other parts of Europe decided not to return to the UK after covid. The result has been almost zero unemployment in the UK plus a shortage of good candidates for key roles, new jobs and career moves.

In 2020 we were asked to help several of our customers with the task of filling some key roles and so we started our journey into recruitment.

If you are interested in learning more about NOA’s professional recruiting service, please get in contact through or please call us on 01367-899262; we might just be the people you have been searching for!

NOA have a passion for recruitment

We would not have considered using Belbin or DISC tests until Neil made us aware of them. They are an excellent recruitment tool; this has enabled us to make some important choices and taken on some great people into our business.

– Sales Director, UK Packaging Company

Recruiting the best candidates can be a real challenge so having professional tools to help us find the best candidate is invaluable; crucial in fact!

– Owner, European Capital Goods Manufacturer

Working with a partner who really understands our industry and business is a real plus. NOA feel like part of our team and only pass us good quality candidates that they would employ themselves. Not having to sift through piles of CVs and all the admin that brings is a definite advantage.

– Engineering Director, European Machinery Supplier


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For further information, please contact Neil at or call us on 01367 899262.


Fill out the quick form at the top of the page to find out more about this service

To invest in our full reports or for further information, please contact Neil at or call us on 01367 899262.