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You’ve heard of the Selfie but what about the Elfie?

Dec 19, 2013 | Fun

What started out as a bit of Christmas fun and banter between Neil Osment of NOA Ltd and a customer friend has developed into something more, a bit of a challenge with a charitable twist!!

Each day Neil has been taking a picture with various clients and folks, and then posting them to Graham and in return Graham has been posting a picture a day back to Neil. 

The challenge has been to do this every day until the end of each of the company’s working days before Christmas.  Neil and Graham have then pledged to donate monies to Sobell House ( a hospice in Oxford where someone that Graham knows is currently a resident……so this was really started with her in mind.

Neil decided to set the bar high with some electric Christmas lights!



Graham chose to ask one of his best employees to model his Santa Hat!


Neil asked one of the local businesses in Faringdon to join in with his photo – here is the lovely Jo, owner of the Market Restaurant in town (hmmmmm, think Jo needs to go to specsavers?!).


Graham asked another member of his team to sport the treasured Santa Hat – smooth dude hey!



And then there were the lovely ladies from SYLO in Thame. Sarah and Sally are always up for a giggle!



More of our photos as the challenge unfolds……….