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Work on your personal development – while you are working from home

May 20, 2020 | Coaching and Mentoring, Marketing Best Practice

• Is it possible to continue with your own personal development even during a global pandemic?

• Is it important to be well prepared for guiding your team through these challenging times ahead?

• Is it good to embrace new, innovative ways of working to retain existing customers and to gain new clients?


We certainly think so, and we have just spent the last 7 weeks helping our customers to do so! Whether it is your own career, the well-being of your team or finding ways to engage with customers, we have helped our clients with these and a host of other topics through remote coaching.


Will you return to an office-based business or embrace the opportunity to work, learn and self-develop in a new way?


Working from home is set to remain the norm for 40% of the workforce for some time to come. Many are finding the ability to manage their remote-working employees daily an increasingly difficult challenge; this is an area NOA can help you with.

We have created a few videos offering tips on working from home and on how to have productive meetings while working from home. We hope you find them useful.

We have enjoyed undertaking our coaching sessions while surrounded by our local nature and the joy of the outdoors. The ability to have a flexible and mobile office helps with our own mental well-being and our appreciation of nature.

Neil enjoying his coaching sessions with our customers whilst taking in the countryside.

Find out more about the help available to you and how you can achieve your own personal development goals. If you prefer, get in touch for a chat.