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What does the future hold for the Paper Packaging Industry?

Jul 25, 2018 | NOA Newsletters

Chart showing corrugated production
Planning for future demand is vital for any industry and paper packaging is no exception.  The team at NOA have been doing some crystal ball gazing using our expertise in packaging market research and here are our findings …

Customer service assistant There is more to Customer Service than “Have a Nice Day”

During a recent visit to The States, the phrase “have it on me” abounded.  As a consumer, it gave a warm, fuzzy feeling.  As a business it could open up opportunities for your business…

It’s been 5 years since NOA and PRISM got together

And by way of celebration, NOA-PRISM are creating a FREE Subscription Service.  Please take 2 minutes to give us your input regarding the paper market data, research, facts and figures you want to see in your subscription …

Balloons to celebrate NOA business partnership

At NOA we specialise in packaging industry research, we examine what the trends are and what the next big thing will be. If you need some quality market research carried out into your sector, to ensure you are ahead of the curve and not caught in its wake, please get in touch with the team.