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The Early Signs of Retail Meltdown ?

Sep 17, 2015 | Corrugated Packaging, Packaging, Packaging Research and Analysis, Retail

Last week, we read that 2 major UK retailers have been hit hard by the dip in sales as ‘loyal’ shoppers turn away from their traditional large supermarket formats to other forms of retailing outlets:

  • Morrisons are to close 11 stores with a potential loss of 900 jobs
  • Waitrose suffers first sales dip in 7 years
  • Morrisons are selling 140 local convenience stores

Who could have predicted that such extreme measures would be necessary ?

Large Supermarkets / Hypermarkets

Big supermarkets and hypermarkets in the UK and across mainland Europe are suffering from falling sales as shoppers turn to local convenience stores, online channels or Limited List Discounters, such as Aldi and Lidl. The big 4 UK retailers are reportedly closing shops and scrapping plans to build new supermarkets.
NOA-PRISM European Retail Prediction June 2015: Major change in shopping habits will have a major impact on packaging.

Local Convenience Stores

Convenience Stores can offer a great opportunity for the leading supermarket chains. Location is key ! Morrisons last week said that their 140 local stores were a “distraction”
NOA-PRISM European Retail Prediction June 2015: Convenience stores will be THE go to place for our daily shopping across most European countries

The Rise & Rise of Limited List Discounters

NOA-PRISMs Strategic European Corrugated Guide 2015 (SECG) detailed the rise and rise of LLDs such as Aldi and Lidl. Lidl plans to open 281 stores inside the M25 in the next decade
NOA-PRISM European Retail Prediction June 2015: LLD’s specify their exacting packaging needs. Do you know what they are?

Online Sales Channels

Morrisons plans to focus on its core supermarkets business in a £1Bn cost saving programme. Part of this programme includes growing its online services and looking at broader digital opportunities
NOA-PRISM European Retail Prediction June 2015: Who will be the largest grocery retailer in 2020? Amazon! Online is the place to be

NOA-PRISMs Strategic European Corrugated Guide 2015 (SECG)

These, and many more downstream predictions, can be found in NOA-PRISM’s Strategic European Corrugated Guide. In turn, we predict in some detail the fortunes of corrugated consumption by each channel type AND by each subcategory for corrugated including by End User, Branded vs Private Label, Container construction type, Print process, Paper liner type and many more. Why not take a look at an example of what we are saying by downloading our summary.

Neil Osment of NOA-PRISM will be available at the FEFCO Barcelona Conference from 28-30 October to discuss downstream retail changes and the dynamic changes that will be affecting corrugated consumption as a result of these significant changes.