Interesting things about the packaging industry, retailing dynamics, consumer trends and NOA’s insight.

eCommerce, Convenience and emerging markets for Corrugated: What the future holds for the paper packaging industry

Overview of our Report

Planning for future demand, especially against a backdrop of supply issues, is vital for any industry and the Corrugated packaging and Containerboard industry is no exception. The team here at NOA – using our expertise in packaging market research – have been doing some long-term forecasting and crystal ball gazing and this multi-client report captures what we have concluded.

Current state of our industry

The industry is busy, has been growing by as much as 4 percent year-on-year and this change has happened over the last 12 to 18 months. Paper is in demand (indeed, as we have written about over recent months, it is in short supply ) and demand continues to hold up well in 2018. In short, paper mills and paper packaging converters are doing brisk business. However has this recent growth phase caused a false picture of demand?

What does the medium and long-term future hold? Can this trend continue or is this simply an ‘Indian Summer’ and just a short term “blip” in demand?