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NOA’s future predictions for the environment

May 20, 2020 | Coaching and Mentoring, Marketing Best Practice, Packaging


6 months on from our Sustainable Business Advent Calendar a lot has changed in the world of business, with challenging times resulting from COVID-19; however, this time has brought some positive benefits to our environment and to our lives.


• New ways of working have been adopted during the lockdown – Window 1
• Increase in cycling and walking to work – Window 7
• Lower car emissions
• Planting trees and enjoying our outside space – Window 8
• Reusing packaging, including innovative repurposing of our packaging – Window 9


How have you changed your working day, and what impact has it had on your environment? The impact of beneficial environmental changes is visible for us all to see. The fibre-based packaging industry continues to play its part in this by developing new and exciting alternatives to plastics.

Our planet will thank us. Sir David Attenborough and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) would agree!

We at NOA appreciate how having a positive nature can have such a positive impact on our lives; we love to take the opportunity to venture out into the countryside as much as possible and notice how nature has been flourishing over the last few months. Nature and the natural environment help with our well-being, as this video proves, taken by a member of our NOA team, our budding Sir David Attenborough!

Interested in an independent look at how your business might adapt to the “new normal”? We would relish an initial discussion with you about the changes you are considering and how we might assist you to bring success for your business.