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NOA Supports The Local Wildlife. Our friends at Wildlife World are passionate about Hedgehogs.

May 5, 2021 | Coaching and Mentoring, Fun, NOA Newsletters

Take a look at The Wildlife Community Podcast

It’s finally arrived….The Wildlife Community podcast is live!

Be the first to listen to the brand new Wildlife Community podcast. Launched today, we hope this podcast will be entertaining, educational and bring together a group of people hoping to help wildlife conservation efforts across the country.

The first episode of The Wildlife Community podcast is about Britain’s favourite wild animal, the hedgehog. To celebrate Hedgehog Awareness Week, we want to dive into the stats and facts behind why this much-loved creature has recently landed itself on the Red List for endangered species. And what we can all do to try and encourage and care for hedgehogs in our own gardens and green spaces.

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Help your Hogs

Hedgehog Awareness Week runs from 2nd – 8th May this year, and it aims to raise the profile of Britain’s only spiny mammal. This year the British Hedgehog Preservation Society is asking people to create their very own hedgehog haven! Gardens are a stronghold for hedgehogs, and we can make their lives so much easier with minimal effort!

Wildlife World are here to help make your gardens and outdoor spaces a safe hedgehog friendly habitat with their award-winning range of hedgehog homes and foods. Listen to the new podcast to get exclusive deals for Hedgehog Week this year.

The BHPS will be giving out tips on their social media accounts during the week using #hedgehogweek with daily competitions to win hedgehoggy prizes.

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