Interesting things about the packaging industry, retailing dynamics, consumer trends and NOA’s insight.

There are 3 main stages to a NOA PRISM Packaging Research Report – we follow the same process, whether for a multi-client research assignment or a private client report.


NOA Market Research Flow

  • The first step is DATA GATHERING.  We review existing data held in the NOA PRISM database to assess what relevant, qualified statistics and data already exists – our NOA database has been built up over 30 years and is regularly updated through our private client and multi-client research work.  Our researchers consult current information on economic indicators, market statistics and corrugated or carton output data to bring our numbers fully up to date.  At the same time we conduct extensive interviews with retailers, brand owners, industry specialists, paper mill owners, corrugated and carton converter contacts.  NOA’s experience, discretion and professional approach ensures the integrity of the data we have gathered. Our data gathering is precise, robust and up-to-the-minute.
  • The second stage, DATA ANALYSIS is where in-depth analysis of the data gathered occurs.  Anomalies that are found by our experienced statisticians and market professionals are debated, then additional research takes place, followed by further debate, and so on and so forth until the process delivers the in-depth data that we are seeking, finalised and to our exacting standards.
  • The third and final stage, REPORT GENERATION, is where we gather all our statistical, analytical, quantitative and qualitative findings and compile them into a report or presentation.  Our reports undergo a scrupulous review, key point “clarification” and assessing their “readability”, before the final NOA PRISM report is ready for publication.


The NOA PRISM Strategic European Corrugated Report (2018 – 2028) is currently at the DATA GATHERING stage and is therefore open for additional subscribers.


To invest in our full reports, to learn more about our multi-client assignments, to discuss a bespoke private client report or for any further NOA Research information, please contact Neil at or call us on 01367 899262.

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