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At NOA we love Elephants!

Feb 14, 2014 | Marketing Best Practice, NOA Newsletters | 0 comments

NOA-PRISM has a unique way of providing sales growth support that we call “Elephant Hunting”. So what is it all about?!


Given the recent stories in the press regarding the hunting of elephants by wealthy foreigners and the subsequent banning of elephant hunting in Botswana, NOA thought we should explain what OUR “Elephant Hunting” is all about, and why we are going from strength to strength with our very DIFFERENT program of sales growth support – “Elephant Hunting”.


You see, our program of “Elephant Hunting” involves a highly targeted sales strategy linked to a number of focussed sales techniques which are designed to “bag” you the top prize.  For NOA-PRISM, “Elephant Hunting” is all about accuracy and quality, taking the time to track down and qualify THAT opportunity – a task best left to an expert – no scatter gun approach is going to bag THIS prize !  Once you have the opportunity fully in your sights – you know what it is, how big it will be and how it is likely to grow, who will influence it and what it is worth to them, that is your time to strike.  Armed with the right equipment, you need to use all your skills to win that opportunity by raising your weapon, aligning your eye to the sight, breathing evenly, focussing and firing that single silver bullet at exactly the right moment.

There are lots of elephants out there waiting to be found, not all of them right for your business !  The elephants we refer to are opportunities with your present and future customers, the ones that make the difference, the ones that will turn a good sales year into an ENORMOUS sales year.


NOA is proud to offer you our expertise in “Elephant Hunting”.