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March Packaging Newsletter

Apr 9, 2018 | NOA Newsletters

Paper Prices “Predicted to rise even further in face of shortage, experts warn”

Brunton Publications, Feb 2018

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Where Amazon leads, should the packaging industry follow?

Where Amazon leads

NOA Ltd, Packaging Research expert, reports on what Amazon’s policy may mean for the packaging industry

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Could plastic packaging concerns mark a return to growth for cartons?

The current backlash against plastic packaging could be the saving grace for the carton industry.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The NOA Ltd team are passionate about the environment, a passion which many of our customers share. We have recently started a research project into the whole area of disposal of used packaging. Interested in learning about our findings ? Contact a member of the NOA team

At NOA we specialise in packaging industry research, we examine what the trends are and what the next big thing will be. If you would like some quality market research carried out into your sector, to ensure you are ahead of the curve and not caught in its wake, please get in touch with the team.