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Is telemarketing right for your company?

Jan 23, 2020 | Marketing Best Practice

Are you finding it difficult to find new customers?

Are you struggling to find competent salespeople?

Is your sales team completely focused on servicing existing customers so that there is no time for prospecting for new ones?


All of the above reasons (and more) are the explanations we hear when companies are struggling with their sales targets. A great option to quickly increase leads and appointments is for NOA to undertake telemarketing on your behalf.

Our results speak for themselves.

That’s a Return on Investment of 1324%, or 13.24:1. However you choose to read it, we are sure that you would like to report these levels of ROI too.

What’s even better is that your new customer (as long as you look after them properly) will probably stay with you for a number of years so the return gets even better in the long term.

Telemarketing can be a way to grow your sales team without making an immediate commitment to employ another salesperson. This allows you to test the market and see what opportunities are out there. It can save you precious time as you won’t have to manage another member of staff. We often find out priceless nuggets of information when telemarketing (market conditions, pricing, competition). As we have shown above, telemarketing is also highly measurable so you can easily gauge the results.

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