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Home Delivery – Transportation Solutions Vary Around The World

Nov 8, 2017 | Carton Packaging, Corrugated Packaging, Industry Associations & Partners, Packaging, Paper Mills

Recyclable returnable paper packaging containers example Home delivery of groceries and the transportation solutions we use, varies significantly from continent to continent. Plastic dominates in some continents, and Corrugated leads in others.

This difference is highly significant as we see an explosion of eCommerce delivery methods adopted and developing across the world. In one market you might find the use of RPC’s (Returnable Plastic Containers) and plastic bags as the method of distribution; and in others, the highly versatile Cardboard Box is the preferred logistics solution of choice.

Recyclable plastic containers In a recent study commissioned by the ICCA (International Corrugated Container Association) NOA has undertaken fresh research and delved into this key difference around the globe. This is one of a series of “Unique Activities” that NOA have unearthed in a new report. To get your copy, please make contact with Dennis at the ICCA here …

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