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Have you adapted to all the changes that COVID has thrown at you?

Sep 7, 2020 | Coaching and Mentoring, Marketing Best Practice

Have you, as an Owner, Director or Manager, adapted to the changes that COVID has thrown at you?

Owners, Directors and Managers are all having to cope with an increased level of complexity in their jobs over recent months, as a result of lockdown.  This added pressure includes:

  • Managing the process of “Furloughing” (a word never used in modern business until this year!).
  • Assessing if and when to implement redundancies.
  • Considering new job roles, even if they might be seen as a demotion.
  • Adapting to a new place of work.
  • Finding they are now working for a new boss.

Have you found you have had to learn a new skill? Are you having to “work outside of your comfort zone”? Would some training or coaching help you to hone or adapt your skills to the new way of working a little better?