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Garcon Wines to offer home deliveries in a corrugated box that will fit through your letterbox

Feb 5, 2017 | Consumer, Corrugated Packaging, Packaging, Retail

Garcon Wines is the first wine club to offer home deliveries in a corrugated box that will fit through your letterbox.

Deliver wine through the post with Garcon winesWine clubs that allow you to try a variety of wine from home have been around for some time now, but the logistical issue of having someone home to answer the door has made these clubs less convenient than home delivery has the potential to be. Garcon offers a way to change that! With tough plastic bottles that are longer and flatter than traditional wine bottles and specially designed packaging, Garcon wines can be delivered through your letterbox, whether you are in or out.

In their corrugated outer packaging, a full 750ml bottle of Garcon-delivered wine measures about the same size as a pack of home-delivered contact lenses. Garcon wine bottle can be delivered through letterboxGiven that failed deliveries cost £771 million in 2014, any innovation that can combat this is a welcome change. Traditional wine clubs can end up forcing their customers to visit a depot to pick up their wine after failed delivery, which is no more convenient than visiting a supermarket or dedicated wine merchant in the first place. This innovative packaging could be the USP that Garcon needs to thrive in this market. In addition, the bottles have been wonderfully designed so that they stack nicely on distribution shelves yet still have the same profile as traditional wine bottles.