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eCommerce and Convenience: How will they affect future SQM demand for corrugated?

Jul 6, 2018 | NOA Newsletters


(and give you some free industry data)

We need your input to formulate a new free subscription service from NOA-PRISM, the packaging market research specialists.

We will be offering a free subscription service where we will share corrugated market data, plus other related data and facts from the NOA-PRISM research and statistics database. We would appreciate your responses now to ensure that we are offering a service that provides the most relevant and valuable data for you.

Please could you complete our 2 minute survey detailing what specific data you would like to see in a subscription and how frequently you would want to see it.

This chart shows you the split between SRP and Distribution Packaging in Europe and is representative of the kind of data we will be sharing.

graph showing Split between SRP and Distribution packaging europe