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Corrugated Industry Viewpoints

Mar 8, 2021 | Corrugated Packaging, Market Research, Packaging, Packaging Research and Analysis

Corrugated Industry Viewpoints

Neil, our MD, has taken part in a series of Corrugated Industry Viewpoint discussions with Dan Brunton from Brunton Publications. These video chats cover the following topics:

1 – The global corrugated industry, including COVID-implications, and work with ICCA and FEFCO.

2 – How e-commerce is growing and what is happening in Shelf Ready Packaging.

3 – Sustainability and the threats of Single Use Plastic packaging

4 – Off-shoring and re-shoring – the Hows and Whys

5 – Automation in the modern boxplant.

6 – Paper prices, paper shortages, container board supply

7 – The recent bout of MBOs and acquisitions

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