Interesting things about the packaging industry and NOA

Paper prices predicted to rise even further in face of shortage, NOA-PRISM experts warn

Packaging industry researchers here at NOA-PRISM are warning of a global shortage of paper and increased prices in the face of rising demand. The NOA-PRISM team, who work alongside the paper packaging industry and users of packaging, have investigated global trends and predict more price increases.

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Projected global growth of the corrugated market is equivalent to the size of the U.S. corrugated market today

Global corrugated demand has grown at an average of 3.3% per annum from 200 billion square meters (bsm) in 2011 to reach almost 236 bsm in 2016. Future growth is forecast to average 3.0% for the next five years, resulting in a global market of 273 bsm by 2021. Find out more of the highlights from our research here.

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