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With Black Friday just around the corner, what makes the perfect package for online retailers ?

Nov 21, 2017 | Corrugated Packaging, Packaging, Packaging Research and Analysis, Paper Mills

This week, a slightly quirky mail popped into the inbox of one of the NOA marketing team. Bloom & Wild offer “Flower Delivery, Through The Letterbox”. They retail mini Christmas Trees and hand picked flowers that can be delivered not just to your door, but through your door. They have done their research!

According to IMRG, the main perceived reasons for a failed delivery are “no-one was at home” and “the item was too big to fit through the letterbox”. Given that failed deliveries cost almost £1,000M in 2016, an organisation that is able to deliver an item safely through the post that is also sized and packaged so that it can be delivered through a letterbox is a retailer that truly understands what innovation in packaging can do for them.

NOA’s research team sees retailers, supported by their packaging partners, are increasingly recognising the importance of getting packaging right, in respect of:

  • Safe arrival (and the need to replace or refund damaged items)
  • Materials cost
  • Distribution cost – especially with postal parcels where the format and size of parcels can increase the cost of delivery
  • Brand
  • Customer perception and experience
  • Environment

Bloom & Wild are running a consistently marketing campaign highlighting their ability to deliver safely when consumers are not at home – a campaign across digital media, website and social media (@BloomandWild) and we suspect it will also be across their packaging.

  • Environmentally friendly paper-based packaging materials.
  • Right-sized
  • Competitive Advantage through Innovative Packaging

This should be a winning combination.