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4 key reasons why YOU should be on social media

Jan 30, 2020 | Marketing Best Practice

Three quarters of millennials found their last job through social media


Almost half of Baby Boomers use social media daily


Users are now spending an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes per day on social networking and messaging platforms


3 .5 billion people are social media users


The numbers speak for themselves. Companies that do not use social media platforms will be missing out. Potential customers won’t know about you. Potential employees won’t know what it is like to work for you. Your local community won’t know about all of the fantastic things you are doing for the local area.

People like to work with companies who are ethical, responsible and socially aware. Social media gives you the perfect opportunity to tell people about your company.

A well-managed brand can give potential employees a really good feel of what it is like to work at your company. You are opening the door to your company – so share your culture and your values. Let your company’s passion shine through. Companies who do this well can see higher staff retention rates as individuals are more likely to fit into the team.

Local communities are vital to companies – they provide the resources to keep the wheels turning. Social media allows you to share all of the details about the wonderful work you are doing.

Companies need to keep their social media channels up to date and be responsive to interactions with potential employees, customers, suppliers and the local community. Think of it like ignoring a ringing phone in the office, you wouldn’t do that, would you?

You need to think about your target markets on social media. Do you know the characteristics of Generation Z, Millennials (or Generation Y), Generation X, Baby Boomers or Traditionalists? Do you know how best to attract their generation and which social media platforms to use?


OK, so what on earth should you do now?

  • Decide which platforms you are going to use (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more) and set up those accounts
  • Take some good quality images and videos
  • Get interacting (not forgetting to include a link to your website and use “call to actions”)
  • Keep an eye out for what is trending and use those #hashtags
  • Maintain your social media presence – there’s nothing worse than your last post being from 2019 – #solastyear


If you haven’t got the time or skills to get social media to the top of your To Do list, then please get in touch with us at NOA, as we can help. We can create a social media strategy to fit your target markets and deliver it by creating posts and managing your social media channels. We are only a call, email – or social media click – away – please get in touch.